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The Gargiulo Law Firm is distinguished by its synthesis of organization, efficiency, and the image of a large international law firm combined with the attention to detail of a traditional so-called "legal boutique".
A vast network of collaborators and independent partners allows the firm to offer its clients focused assistance in every area of law, even when the questions posed to the lawyers require the intervention of specialists in consultancy or advocacy. The team of tax experts, labor consultants, doctors, engineers, architects, etc. that assist the firm in carrying out its activities is comprehensive.
The concept of project management applied to the administration of the Firm and its operations, together with modern technological tools, further allow the Gargiulo Law Firm to direct client management in a way that is even more responsive to the needs of the client, whether an individual, public entity or corporation. 

Practice Area

The Firm offers its consultancy and assistance, both in and out of court, to individual clients, to public entities and to corporations, in the main specialty areas of civil, administrative, and tax law, as well as criminal law, including:

Contract Assistance
Assistance with participation in real estate auctions (also of public assets held for sale) Arbitration and alternative conflict resolution Administrative Litigation (T.A.R. — Council of the State
Special appeals to the Head of State) Ordinary civil litigation
Rights in rem and actions in defense of property
Environmental law
Administrative law
Insurance law and road accidents
Banking Law
Civil law
Corporate and commercial law Condominium law
Competition law
Consumer law
Citizenship and migration law
Insolvency and bankruptcy law
Family law (separation, divorce, children, etc.)
Information technology law and new technologies. Information law.

Labor law and social security
Leasing law
Sport, gaming, and betting law
Real estate law, real estate management, housing and urban planning
Industrial law
Juvenile law
Penal law
Private law
Health law
Land, air and sea transport law; Entertainment law
Tax law
Sports attorneys for footballers, ex art. 5 "Regulation for the activity of a footballer's agent") and sponsorships
Public employment
Recovery and management of claims and executive actions
Marital status and citiziennship
Inheritance and gift tax
Protection of trademarks, patents, copyright and intellectual property
Voluntary jurisdiction (including adoptions and emancipation).

Corporate Counceling

Legal Outsourcing Providing 

Today, corporate business has new borders: outsourcing and specialization are key terms for any company that wants to increase its overall efficiency and system of production.
Letting go of certain features that are not considered strategic is, for a modern business, the only workable way to reach the objective of concentrating on its core business. It reduces management costs and minimizes its fixed structures, delegating all auxiliary functions to a third party with a high level of specialization and professionalism that allows the business to operate competitively in various markets, even at an international  level.
Choosing the Gargiulo Law Firm means finding the solution for a qualified service for businesses. Its lawyers dedicate their skills and energy to ensure that no legal or financial problems arise in the course of the client's business.
Speed and flexibility when intervening in business issues are the base of the Firm's philosophy and success. Success has also come thanks to the collaboration of highly qualified professionals with years of experience in the various sectors of outsourcing, marketing, training and human resource development, labor union relations and the whole of business services. 

Corporate a 360'

The Firm offers its services and its partners to numerous businesses, with a guarantee of professionalism andfficiency; making even business more competitive and flexible on the market.
For a business, relying on the expertise of the Gargiulo Law Firm means gaining an accurate efficiency in pursuing its primary goals.
As a result of marry years of experience in the service of small, medium, and large companies, the Firm can provide comprehensive consulting from the start-up (company formation, joint ventures, associations, temporary joint ventures), through the life of the company (through the drafting and negotiation of shareholder agreements, agreements and pacts between and/or with partners, statutes and contracts, modifications of structure or personnel, assistance to the activities of shareholders and administrators, including the preparation of the relevant corporate documents), all the way to the divestment, liquidation or succession of the business. 

M & A

The Firm, coordinating the activities of due diligence, deals with corporate operations such as mergers, demergers, acquisitions (Mergers and Acquisitions, operations of MBO, MB1, LBO) also through the transfer of shares or assets, companies or their branches, and corporate assets.
Such activity is carried out in a multi-disciplinary and synergistic way, with various professionals working in this context and in partnership with the Firm, in relation to their specific skills. 


The Firm has gained considerable experience regarding operating procedures connected to corporate governance, from the assets of administration and control to the activities of administrative and shareholder bodies, to which the lawyers of the Firm regularly offer consulting on rights, powers, duties and responsibilities both inside and outside of the company.


The Firm has also developed specialized legal services to allow companies to adapt their structures and strategies to all the rules of corporate law, including legislative decree 231/2001 (the administrative liability of corporations for crimes committed in their interest or to their advantage or by persons under their supervision - in this field, the Firm assists the client in their preparation of the organizational and management models) as well as laws on Workplace Safety (Decree 626/94 and 81/08), the Protection of Personal Data (Decree 196/0) and Savings Law (L. 262/05).

Marketing & Communication

Thanks to the collaboration of an important "strategic communication agency", the Firm builds and enhances the visibility of client companies through identification and development of partnerships, establishment of operational marketing plans, and a synergistic study of development strategies regarding the company's positioning.

Franchising Development

A network of expertise allows the Firm to offer a highly qualified and professional consultancy in the field of franchising (both to the franchisor as well as the franchisee), both in the creation and launch of the network and in its consolidation and development. In particular, the Firm offers its consultancy in the following phases:

• start-up of the franchising network;
• analysis and study of the specific needs and characteristics of the franchise;
• preparation and drafting of the contract of franchising and master franchising;
• preparation and drafting of other accessory contracts (supply contracts, contracts with agents, employees, distributors, licensing agreements, etc.);
• preparation and drafting of informational documents provided for by the Law 129/2004;
• consultancy in the field of registration of trademarks and patents;
• assistance with negotiations and dealing with affiliates 

Labor law

The Firm has extensive experience in employment law for companies in all areas of possible intervention in the relationships between those companies and human resources, from hiring to the termination of employment.
Contractual law, drafting of non-compete contracts or clauses limiting activity (terms of fidelity, non-solicitation agreements), development of incentivization plans, assistance in individual and collective transfers, industrial and trade union relations, planning, organizing and management of human resources, restructuring and reduction of personnel, safety and accident prevention in the workplace: are just some examples of the activities for which a company can come to the Firm for the resolution of problems regarding labor law issues. 

Tax Consultancy

The Firm also provides business consulting services in the field of national tax law With the help of its commercial consultants, the Firm's activities include services of general consultancy in the field of direct and indirect taxation, analysis and consultancy for tax bills, and notices of assessment and audit reports.
Legal tax consulting takes place in the judicial and prejudicial phases, for the presentation of instances of tax settlement, instances under appeal, questioning, all with the use of all the tools related to relationships with tax authorities. 


The Firm offers companies the opportunity to enter into a convention, lasting six months or a year; for advice and assistance out of court so to be able to establish an ongoing relationship aimed at the "prevention" of corporate problematic issues. These activities are conducted mainly via email, phone and fax, or by way of periodic meetings, to be arranged upon the signing of the agreement.

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